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Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offset shipments

Carbon Offsetting

Eagle International Logistics takes climate change very seriously. We understand the importance to carbon offset shipments in order to reduce our carbon footprint on each shipment we book and deliver to you.

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Air Freight

For your air freight needs as an example, we use two of the most fuel-efficient aircraft operating in the world today such as the Airbus A350 Passenger aircraft built from advanced materials. A combination of carbon Composites, titanium and modern aluminium alloys delivers environmental benefits such as lower fuel burn and reduced CO2 Emissions.

If your cargo is higher than 160cm high and requires our Cargo Aircraft Only (CAO) service, the 747 freighter fleet consisting of the proven 747-400F and the newly developed 747-8F are one of the most energy efficient aircraft fleet for long haul and intercontinental air cargo.

Sea Freight

We understand shipping by sea accounts for 3% of Global CO2 Emissions and around 80% of world trade travels by sea. The industry holds significant potential to help create a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, contributing to reach the Paris agreement goal of staying well below 2c temperature rise.

The only possible way to achieve this is by fully transforming to new carbon-neutral fuels. Due to the 20-25 year lifetime of a vessel many shipping lines have realised they must have carbon neutral vessels commercially viable by 2030 to achieve their target of 2050.

As a freight forwarder we support the shipping lines push in becoming carbon-neutral carriers for the Global Economy.

Rail Freight

Rail freight emits very little C02, in fact rail transport is only responsible for 1% of the total CO2 emitted in the transport industry, which makes it hugely attractive for companies like ourselves who are passionate about preserving our planet and continuously pushing to become carbon neutral. Our rail service has also proven to be extremely popular with our customers, who choose this service to help them meet their environmental responsibilities.

Road Freight

It is increasingly important to us at Eagle that we support the Road Haulage Association (RHA) framework of eliminate, minimise, and offset. Freight transportation is one of the most difficult sectors to decarbonise while maintaining the customer-focussed, efficient, and cost-effective movement of goods. We aim to utilise our road freight haulage with decarbonising at the forefront of our minds, making green choices whenever it is possible for us.

Eagle International Logistics ensures that operational measures within the supply chain are carried out carefully to minimise our carbon footprint.