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About Us

Simplifying modern logistics with unparalleled levels of service

About Us

Eagle International Logistics was created with one mission, to simplify modern logistics through providing unparalleled levels of service, dedication and innovation. This is the foundation of our business and something we implement for every customer.

Our first and most valuable step with any company we work with is simple…we listen to you. Only once we listen and understand your business and your ambitions can we provide you with an efficient and effective tailormade solution to help you in reaching your ambitions as a company and as a business.

This approach to business and the shipping industry is the pride of our owners, as they understand the hurdles involved when driving a business forward and founded Eagle International Logistics with the vision to create a sustainable environment for the growth of UK companies by reducing the stress of shipping.

We are passionate about logistics and confident that through visiting our website you will see the consistent message that quality is profoundly valued within our company and is demonstrated in the work we do.

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Company Statement

Eagle International Logistics is a company founded by people who are passionate about the industry and providing the highest level of service.

The owners are involved in the day to day management of the company and enjoy every minute of working in an exciting industry.

Our private ownership structure allows us to focus on what really benefits our customers, rather than concerning ourselves solely with the results for the next quarter.

Our mission is to provide solutions to UK companies. In an ever changing global market, we are the one constant that can be relied upon to provide consistency, clarity and innovation.


Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission:

To simplify modern logistics through unparalleled levels of service, dedication and innovation.

Our Vision:

To create a sustainable environment for the growth of our customers by reducing the stress of global shipping for them.


Global Network

A tremendous benefit to being a privately owned company is that we have the freedom to connect, work and build relationships with a network of carefully chosen global partners.

We believe these partners are the best in their region but and also match our culture and drive for customer service and innovation. This means that we always have complete confidence that our clients’ cargo will be looked after as well at origin, as it is at it’s final destination.

Our network is a proud part of our business and important to the services we offer. By closely monitoring their performance and maintaining regular contact, we ensure that all of our global partners follow the high standards that our clients expect when choosing to work with Eagle International Logistics.



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Managing Director

Tom Wild

Operations Director

Alex Bennett

Operations & Customer Care

Amber Booth

Customer Development

Elizabeth Smith

Customs Specialist & Operations

Natalia Cwichula

Financial Controller

Lucy Hudson

Business Development Manager

Scott Margison