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Our Products

Over 25+ combined years in the industry

Our Products

  • Door to door service with other options available
  • Defined lead times
  • Customs brokerage (Optional)
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Specialist services

Why use our Air freight service?

  • EXW quotes back within 24 hours 
  • Fast, reliable air cargo services  
  • Direct/In-direct flights available  
  • Morning arrivals on imports from many markets, shipments are customs cleared with same-day connections for next-day delivery. 
  • A wide range of shipping solutions for heavy and oversized products that can’t be loaded on passenger aircraft.  
  • The added benefit of our charter service for any specialised projects or cargo.  
  • Get reliable uplift with consistent, cost-effective service options which reduces the chance of part shipments or damage, as well as expediting collection at point of origin.  
  • Competitive rates for any and all shipments. 

Our Key Markets 

  • China to UK  
  • China to US 
  • Turkey to UK  
  • Pakistan to UK
  • Bangladesh to UK


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