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Animal Genetics

Specialists at Importing Animal Genetics from all around the World

Animal Genetics

Eagle International Logistics are a specialist Importing Animal Genetics from all around the World.

We work closely with Shipper’s at Origin and Importer’s here in the UK to ensure all the correct paperwork is produced for the official Vets at the Border Control Posts here in the UK. We use IPAFFS (Import of products, Animals, Food and Feed System) to notify the enforcement authorities at least 24 hours prior to arrival to avoid any unnecessary fines for the Importer.

We understand the Semen/Embryo tanks life expectancy that will be used for artificial insemination is why your shipments are a priority to us from the minute it’s booked at Origin. We track your shipments and prepare for the clearance with HM Revenue and Customs upon arrival here in the UK. Once Released by the official Vet at the Border Control Post, we will always ensure next working day delivery.

If you have a shipment and you would like a quote for our services and any advice about the necessary paperwork, please feel free to get in touch with our Operations Team, outlining as much detail as possible about the shipment and we can provide you with the details.


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